Time Commitment

Trying to manage busy lives is a challenge in our modern era. It is easy to think that this is going to be just a bit of studying I am doing on the side, but it is more than that. Going into a part-time programme needs to be properly managed with time set aside so you can be successful in your classes and have sufficient time to reflect on what you are studying. The goal is for you to not just learn material, but that these courses can be transformative in your thinking, life and ministry.

You should allocate for each class you take, on average, 12 hours per week in your time schedule to be able to handle the content effectively. 

Within the course calendar, you will see that we do have breaks allocated in the Autumn, Christmas, Easter, and Summer times. This is to allow you to get a rest from your studies and to also allow you to catch up on some things in the “rest of your life” that may also need additional attention.