The Certificate in Spiritual Formation programme is designed to develop a foundational knowledge of the Bible and to strengthen your Christian faith. This programme is accredited by the ECTE.

Goals of the Programme

  • To give you a foundational knowledge of Scripture and of the Christian faith, especially from a Wesleyan perspective.
  • To help you to have a clearer understanding of and vision for the mission of the Church and the church’s responsibility to the world and its people.
  • To encourage you to apply the knowledge you have acquired and use it in your personal life.
  • To have you grow in your pursuit of holy living in all its various dimensions of daily life by learning and applying the different spiritual disciplines.
  • To give you an increased awareness of who you are as a person and as an individual involved in God’s mission in the world.

Our courses

  • are offered in English.
  • are fully online so you don’t have to come to a particular place at a particular time to attend the class. This is because our students can come from many time zones.
  • have a definite start and stop date within the year – they are not open-ended where you work on your own at your own pace. This is because we want you to be a part of a class with interactions with other students and the teacher to provide more areas of learning and exploring a topic. Because of this, you are expected to check in several times during the week for posting to discussions or handing in assignments. 
  • utilize technology that simulates items you would find in a “traditional” classroom such as lectures (provided by a teacher as a video), readings, online tests, online discussions, electronic assignment submissions. 
  • utlize textbooks that you can get from the most convenient supplier in your country.
  • have a cost of €48 per ECTS. Most courses are 3 or 5 ECTS so this means they cost €144 and €240 respectively.


You can apply here. If you have additional questions, feel free to email the Digital Campus Coordinator at or fill out the form below.

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