We are glad that you have sought to learn more about our offerings through the EuNC Digital Campus! Whether your journey is new in Christ or you are wanting to prepare for part-time or full-time ministry we have a programme to meet your needs!

We have three programmes that you can choose from:

  • Certificate in Spiritual Formation (60 ECTS) – This programme is designed to develop a foundational knowledge of the Bible and to strengthen your Christian faith. This programme is accredited by the EEAA.
  • Diploma in Christian Ministry (120 ECTS)- This programme builds on the Certification in Spiritual Formation and provides you with the basic skills to minister in a local church. It also fulfills the minimum requirements for ordination in the Eurasia Region of the Church of the Nazarene. This programme is accredited by the EEAA.
  • Advanced Diploma in Applied Theology (180 ECTS) – This programme builds on the Diploma in Christian Ministry, providing a deeper understanding of theology as it is applied to the practice of Christian ministry in society today. You will engage in practical activities that are designed to develop your ministerial skills as well as reflecting on these experiences in combination with the courses you have taken to allow you to more effectively minister to contemporary society. This new programme is currently in the process of being accredited by the EEAA and is equivalent in level to an international Vocational Bachelor of Theology.

You can click on the programme title to get the specific curriculum and outcomes of each one.

The Academic Calendar 2018-2019 menu item provides you with the course schedule starting in September 2018. Information on how to apply as well as many other pieces of information can be found in the menus on the right.

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    Alan Schrock
    EuNC Digital Campus Coordinator