The motto of European Nazarene College is “making a difference through education”. The motto expresses our goal and reflects our mission (the “why” and “what” we do). At the same time, it can be related to the uniqueness and distinctiveness of EuNC (the “how” we do what we do).  The uniqueness and distinctiveness is best expressed in the following four terms:

Transformative: We believe that education is transformative.  It is an integral part of the renewal in the image of God in order to make a difference.  Therefore, the educational endeavour must focus its outcomes on a holistic transformation of the learning community to make an impact on society.

Application: “Making a difference through education” means that we believe that change is possible – in the lives of the believers, in the societies and for all of creation.  God is at work to reach his ultimate goal of renewing his creation and we are invited to participate in this mission.

Contextual: EuNC has teaching locations in sixteen different countries across Europe and Central Asia and offers its programmes in the languages of the countries.  The curriculum is also adjusted to each cultural context where the school is at work.  In addition, EuNC works very closely with local churches and districts of the Church of the Nazarene and with other Wesleyan partners in the different countries.

Application: “Making a difference through education” must happen contextually.  As EuNC we aim at that by coming to each country we are invited to and working together with different partners to provide theological education in an appropriate form.

Multinational: EuNC is one school with one curriculum, one faculty, and one student body.  We embrace the fact that we are multinational which is reflected in the organizational structure, the governance and the administration of the school. English is the language of communication at the level of general administration and governance.

Application: “Making a difference through education” is happening not only locally, it has multinational implications. We recognize, appreciate and celebrate the multinational character of our school.  We want to learn with each other and from each other.  That makes us all richer and helps us to accomplish the mission of the school.

Wesleyan: EuNC is part of the Wesleyan-Holiness tradition.  We emphasize that God’s grace is free for all and free in all with the goal to renew all of creation and humanity in the image of God (personal and social holiness).

Application: “Making a difference through education” is part of our theological heritage and approach.  We believe that the gospel is for every human being and that Christ can change people’s lives and impact societies.