Based on the profile, belief, and mission of European Nazarene College, the values of the school are expressed in the following four statements:

EuNC is a community of learners. As an institution of higher education, it is attended by scholars and by those who seek knowledge for use in God’s kingdom. Whatever role or title its members hold, they are expected to learn from one another, to be teachable, and to be growing in their faith and identity in Christ.

As a learning community, EuNC is committed to authenticity and integrity. We believe that no faith journey, nor any academic pursuit of value, is taken alone. We are accountable to one another in our studies and in our lives. Eventually, what affects one of us will affect us all. In light of this, we view academic dishonesty as a direct violation of our community, and we believe that a wasteful, half-hearted pursuit of knowledge and truth damages both the individual and the community of learners as a whole.

EuNC is a faith community. Our members do their utmost to respect and value one another. We do our best, as individuals and as a community, to pursue a closer relationship with God and to reflect His likeness. The lives we live are not divided into the “sacred” and the “secular”. All that we do, we do in front of God, and we encourage one another to seek Him wholeheartedly.

Blessed in so many ways, EuNC is, and is committed to be, a community of gratitude. We realize that few in the world have access to this opportunity of community and this level of academic study. We also realize that we are benefiting from the sacrifices and commitments of many others. As we are entrusted with knowledge, we seek to share it and to use it in service. Grateful for the influence of one another, we invite others to join, and we hope to more effectively touch the world around us. Offered an opportunity to learn and grow, we desire to extend this blessing into other lives, other places.